Monday, April 16, 2012

Proton Preve 2012 with CVT and CamPro IAFM+ mill


Prevé is available in three variant forms at point of launch, with two engine permutations and three transmissions – the list is led by the 1.6 CVT Premium, in turbocharged CamPro CFE form, followed by the 1.6 Executive CVT and 1.6 Executive five-speed manual, which both feature the normally-aspirated CamPro IAFM+ mill.

Both CVT-equipped variants feature a Punch CVT drivetrain – the High-line CFE variant gets the seven-speed VT3, dubbed the ProTronic, while the Medium-line spec’d IAFM+ runs with the six-speed VT2. The VT3 transmission is a derivative of the VT2 – both share the same package, but the VT3 is capable of higher maximum input torques (215 Nm as opposed to the VT2‘s 186 Nm).

Prevé is larger than its two predecessors, the Waja and the Persona – here’s a recap of the comparative figures. The earlier figures were accurate, with only a single mm difference in the width (earlier reported as 1,785 mm) as well as with the boot capacity of 508 litres (earlier, 506 litres) being the only items needing revision.

Meanwhile, in terms of kerb weight, the 1.6 Premium CFE tips the scales at 1,340 kg, while the 1.6 Executive CVT is 1,325 kg and the Executive manual is the lightest of the trio, at 1,305 kg. The car comes with a 50 litre capacity fuel tank.

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