Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Proton Exora CFE will provide a better “real world”


Exterior View of Poton Exora 1.6 CFE Turbo Spec

Compare the Proton Exora Price with other competitor

Proton Exora 1.6CFE:
1.6L 138hp 205Nm 4592x1809x1691mm RM79k...

Toyota Innova:
2.0L 136ps 182Nm 4580x1770x1755mm RM102k(AT)

Nissan Grand Livina:
1.8L 126ps 174Nm 4420x1690x1590mm RM99k
1.6L 105ps 150Nm 4420x1690x1590mm RM90k

Chery Eastar
2.0L 134hp 185Nm 4662x1820x1590mm Rm86k(Leather)

Exora CFE will provide a better “real world” fuel consumption compared to CPS. The figures at constant speed do not involve any acceleration or braking thus not representing the “real world” situation.

In real world, you need to rev the CPS engine more in daily traffic to move the MPV due to lack of low end torque. The CPS system is designed to give more power at high rev so at low rev, the engine struggles to move the weight of the car. People tend to rev the CPS engine because of this and this hurts the fuel consumption.

CFE on the other hand, addresses this issue with a very high torque right from 2000 RPM. Coupled with the CVT gearbox, the CFE engine will improve the fuel consumption greatly in daily usage where you are constantly accelerating and braking. If you know how to keep a constant low RPM, CVT will help a lot in term of fuel consumption compared to Exora CPS

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